§23-1-1g. Legislative intent to create a quasi-public entity.
In recognition of the impact a state's workers' compensation premium levels may have on the state's ability to conduct economic development and the resulting need to operate the state's Workers' Compensation system in such a manner that will enable the lowest premiums to be charged employers while at the same time ensuring adequate benefit levels are provided to injured workers, it is the intent of the Legislature that the Workers' Compensation Commission remain a commission of the state as provided in article two, chapter five-f of this code until the company created in article two-c of this chapter is created and operational and the New Fund created in article two-c of this chapter has been funded. Until the termination of the commission and in order for the commission to be able to capture the efficiencies associated with private sector operations, the Workers' Compensation Commission is exempt from the provisions of the following effective upon the date upon which this enactment is made effective by the Legislature:

(a) Article three, chapter five-a, related to the Department of Administration Purchasing Division; and

(b) Section eleven, article three, chapter twelve, relating to appropriations, expenditures and deductions.