§23-2B-1. Occupational safety and health activities; voluntary compliance; consultative services.
In order to carry out the purposes of this chapter and to encourage voluntary compliance with occupational safety and health laws, regulations, rules and standards and to promote more effective workplace health and safety programs, the executive director acting in conjunction with the board of managers shall:

(a) Develop greater knowledge and interest in the causes and prevention of industrial accidents, occupational diseases and related subjects through:

(1) Research, conferences, lectures and the use of public communications media;

(2) The collection and dissemination of accident and disease statistics; and

(3) The publication and distribution of training and accident prevention materials, including audio and visual aids;

(b) Provide consultative services for employers on safety and health matters and prescribe procedures which will permit any employer to request a special inspection or investigation, focused on specific problems or hazards in the place of employment of the employer or to request assistance in developing a plan to correct such problems or hazards, which will not directly result in a citation and civil penalty; and

(c) Place emphasis, in the research, education and consultation program, on development of a model for providing services to groups of small employers in particular industries and their employees and for all employers whose experience modification factor for rate-setting purposes is in excess of the criteria established by the board of managers.