§23-2C-13. Certain retraining benefits to those employees laid-off by the mutual during its first year of operation.
If a domestic mutual insurance company is established pursuant to this article, the chief executive officer of the company shall enter into an agreement with the Department of Personnel for the provision of services and training to an employee of the company who is laid off during the first year of the company's operation and requires additional training to obtain other gainful employment. The Department of Personnel shall administer the program. The fees required for those services and training shall be in an amount established by the Department of Personnel, must not exceed two million dollars, in the aggregate, and shall be paid out of the Mutualization Transition Fund. The executive director may select former Bureau of Employment Program employees who are, upon the termination of the commission, employees of the Office of Information Services and Communication and who enter into an employment contract with the company before the first day of December, two thousand five, to become employees of the company and said employees shall be afforded the benefits of this section.