§23-2C-18a. Designation of rating organization.
(a) For the purposes of this section:

(1) "Classification system" or "classification" means the plan, system or arrangement for grouping risks with similar characteristics or a specified class of risk by recognizing differences in exposure to hazards.

(2) "Experience rating" means a statistical procedure utilizing past risk experience to produce a prospective premium credit, debit or unity modification.

(3) "Prospective loss costs" means historical aggregate losses and loss adjustment expenses projected through development to their ultimate value and through trending to a future point in time. Prospective loss costs do not include provisions for profit or expenses other than loss adjustment expenses.

(4) "Statistical plan" means the plan, system or arrangement used in collecting data for ratemaking or other purposes.

(b) The Insurance Commissioner shall designate one rating organization to:

(1) Assist the commissioner in gathering, compiling and reporting relevant statistical information on an aggregate basis;

(2) Develop and administer, subject to approval by the commissioner, the uniform statistical plan, uniform classification plan and uniform experience rating plan;

(3) Develop and file manual rules, subject to the approval of the commissioner, that are reasonably related to the recording and reporting of data pursuant to the uniform statistical plan, uniform experience rating plan and the uniform classification plan; and

(4) File with the commissioner for approval all prospective loss costs, provisions for special assessments, all supplementary rating information and any changes, amendments or modification of the forgoing proposed in this state.

(c) Each workers' compensation insurer shall:

(1) Record and report its workers' compensation experience to the designated rating organization as set forth in the uniform statistical plan approved by the commissioner; and

(2) Adhere to the uniform classification plan and uniform experience rating plan developed by the designated rating organization and approved by the commissioner.

(d) The commissioner may promulgate exempt legislative rules to implement the provisions of this section, including a rule providing for the equitable sharing and recovery of the expense of the designated rating organization in performing the functions set forth in subsection (b) of this section.