§23-3-1a. Transfer of silicosis fund to workers' compensation fund; claims under former article six.
Ten percent of the funds collected and held as the workers' compensation silicosis fund under the provisions of former article six of this chapter shall be transferred to and made a part of the workers' compensation fund provided for in the preceding section, and the balance of the silicosis fund shall be refunded to the subscribers to the fund in proportion to their contributions to the fund under the provisions of former article six; and all awards previously made under the provisions of article six shall be paid from the workers' compensation fund, or directly by the employer, under order of the executive director, if the employer has elected to carry his or her own risk under the provisions of section nine, article two of this chapter: Provided, That notwithstanding the repeal of article six, the provisions of the article are applicable in all cases of the disease or death, because of silicosis, or an employee whose last exposure to silicon dioxide dust has occurred prior to the effective date of this section, whose claim or application for compensation benefits for silicosis, or that of his or her dependent, has not been filed prior to that date, and whose employer, at the time of the exposure, was subject to the provisions of article six of this chapter.