§24E-1-1. Legislative findings; purpose.
(a) The Legislature finds and declares:

(1) That large areas of the state remain without city-type addressing, despite the best efforts of local officials;

(2) That city-type addressing is essential to the prompt and accurate dispatch of emergency service providers;

(3) That citizens of rural areas of the state that are not city-type addressed should enjoy the same security, safety and peace of mind as citizens in those areas that have been city-type addressed;

(4) That a statewide system for city-type addressing would provide citizens of rural areas throughout the state with security, safety and peace of mind;

(5) That, despite progress in certain areas, a statewide addressing system cannot be achieved without action by the Legislature;

(6) That certain counties and municipalities in the state have, nonetheless, made progress in achieving city-type addressing in their respective jurisdictions and their accomplishments ought to be respected;

(7) That a statewide mapping system, utilizing digital mapping systems, geographic information systems, global positioning systems or other appropriate systems, would further aid the dispatch of emergency service providers, thereby further increasing the security, safety and peace of mind of the citizens of the state;

(8) That a temporary board, consisting of qualified persons representing the disciplines most affected by an integrated statewide addressing and mapping system, is the best means to achieve a system; and

(9) That certain entities have shown interest in providing for a source of funding for accomplishing a system and should be encouraged to do so.

(b) It is, therefore, the purpose of this article to achieve a statewide addressing and mapping system that will be as uniform as possible while respecting the past accomplishments of local officials, that will be achieved quickly and cost effectively, that will be accomplished at a minimal cost, if any, to the taxpayer and that will use sound and recognized methods and standards.