§24F-1-2. Powers and duties.
(a) In addition to its other powers and duties, the public service commission may determine, establish and modify, in a manner that it considers appropriate, the fees and total charges imposed by cemeteries and companies that set and install memorial monument markers for the setting of United States department of veterans' affairs grave markers at the graves of deceased United States armed forces veterans.

If the commission establishes fees and total charges as authorized by this section, it shall establish:

(1) A maximum fee schedule to be designated "the regional permanent endowment care fund" which represents the costs to a cemetery for the perpetual care of the grave marker; and

(2) A maximum fee schedule to be designated as "the regional installation fees" which represents the costs of installation of the veteran grave marker.

Any fees established under this section shall consider regional market forces and may consider classes of veterans' markers or any other relevant conditions. The fees described in this section, when added together, shall be designated as the "total charges" permitted for the installation of a veteran's affairs memorial marker. No other fees, charges or other costs may be assessed to the veteran's estate or family for the installation or maintenance of the veteran's grave marker.

(b) Any fees and total charges established by the public service commission may only apply to the installation of memorial markers that are provided to the veteran without charge by the U.S. government upon application.