§25-1-11. Officers and employees of corrections institutions.
The commissioner of corrections shall appoint a warden for each institution under the control of the division of corrections. The commissioner of corrections, or his or her designee, has the authority to manage and administer the finances, business, operations, security and personnel affairs of correctional units under the jurisdiction of the division of corrections. All persons employed at a state-operated correctional institution or correctional unit are subject to the supervision and approval of the chief executive officer and the authority of the commissioner of corrections, or his or her designee, except those persons employed by the state board of education, pursuant to section thirteen-f, article two, chapter eighteen of this code.

The warden or administrator of each institution or correctional unit has the power to hire all assistants and employees required for the management of the institution in his or her charge; but the number of the assistants and employees, and their compensation, shall first be approved by the state commissioner of corrections. All prospective correctional employees shall pass a preemployment drug screening prior to being hired. It is the duty of the commissioner of corrections to investigate any complaint made against the warden or administrator of any institution, and also against any other officer or employee thereof, if the same has not been investigated.