§25-1-15. Diagnostic and classification divisions.

     (a) The Commissioner of Corrections may establish diagnostic and classification divisions.

     (b) Notwithstanding any provision of this code to the contrary, all persons committed to the custody of the Commissioner of the Division of Corrections for presentence diagnosis and classification and all persons sentenced to the custody of the Division of Corrections shall, upon transfer to the Division of Corrections, undergo diagnosis and classification, which shall include: (1) Assessments of a person's criminogenic risk and need factors that are reliable, validated and normed for a specific population and responsive to cultural and gender-specific needs as well as individual learning styles and temperament; (2) application of a mental health preliminary screen; and (3) if the mental health preliminary screen suggests the need for further assessment, a full psychological evaluation. The Division of Corrections shall perform mental health preliminary screens, appraisals and evaluations according to standards provided by the American Correctional Association.