§25-7-4. Correctional industries service contracts.
(a) The commissioner may enter into contracts with private entities under which inmate or resident labor is provided through correctional industries for work involving the delivery of products or for service work. Service work means work which includes, but is not limited to, repairs, replacement of original manufactured items, packaging, sorting, recycling, labeling or similar work that is not original equipment manufacturing. The use of inmate or resident labor may not result in the displacement of civilian workers employed in the local region where the work is performed. The division may negotiate the wage for inmate or resident labor under correctional industries contracts and, except as provided in sections thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen of this article, the wage may be less than the prevailing wage for work of a similar nature in the private sector.

(b) The Division of Corrections, in cooperation with the Department of Commerce, shall develop and maintain a marketing plan encouraging private sector businesses to employ inmates through the correctional industries program.