§27-1A-8. Superintendents to pay money to state treasury through department of mental health; appropriations; deficiency; how met.
All moneys and funds belonging to the state which shall come into the possession or under the control of the superintendent or other officer of a state hospital under the control of the department of mental health shall be paid to the director of mental health monthly, on or before the tenth day of the month following the month in which such moneys or funds were received, under such rules and regulations as the director shall prescribe. The director shall pay such moneys and funds into the state treasury immediately in the manner provided in article two, chapter twelve, of this code.

All moneys appropriated for the department of mental health and state hospitals may be expended on proper requisitions issued by the director of mental health or his duly authorized agent. Whenever the appropriations by the Legislature for the state hospitals are insufficient to pay the expenses of conducting such institutions, the director of mental health shall certify the deficiency to the governor. The certificate shall state the name of the state hospital and the items and amount in detail needed, and the governor may direct payment of the same or any part thereof out of any appropriation available for that purpose.