§28-1-4. Conveyance of boys; expenses.
As soon as practicable after a youth, on any account, is committed to the custody of the state commissioner of public institutions, the papers in the case shall be mailed to the superintendent of the receiving youth facility, and such youth shall remain in the custody of the court pronouncing such commitment until he be delivered to an officer of the receiving youth facility, who shall be sent without delay and duly authorized by the superintendent to conduct such youth by the most direct and convenient route to said facility; but no youth committed to any facility shall be lodged in any jail or lockup, if he be under the age of sixteen years. The superintendent of a facility shall, insofar as is consistent with the safe conveyance of youths to the facility, cause as many youths as may be committed from the same or several counties to be conducted to the facility at the same time. The expense incurred in conducting a youth to a youth facility, including transportation and other necessary traveling expenses of the youth and of his conductor, shall be paid by the county court out of the treasury of the county from which the youth was committed to the facility, and a written statement of such necessary expenditures, fully itemized and sworn to by the officer making such expenditures, and attested by the superintendent of the facility, when presented to any county court, shall be a bill against such court, to be paid to the receiving facility and credited to that fund of the facility from which the original expenditure was made; but when two or more youths shall be so conducted from more than one county, the necessary expenditure on the personal account of the conductor shall be apportioned among the counties concerned in due proportion to the mileage traveled by the youths from their respective counties.