§31-18A-2. Legislative findings; declaration of policy and responsibility; purpose and intent of article.
It is hereby determined and declared as a matter of legislative finding: (a) That an energy shortage exists within the state of West Virginia; (b) that the energy shortage is severe in certain areas of the state and may become severe, from time to time, in other areas of the state; (c) that the cost to the consumer for energy usage continues to increase at an accelerated rate; (d) that the energy shortage has produced widespread unemployment, threatening the economic stability of this state; and (e) that these conditions are inimical to the health, welfare and prosperity of all residents of the state and to the sound growth of the state.

It is hereby declared to be the public policy and a responsibility of this state to assist its residents in improving the energy efficiency of their residential dwellings. It is the purpose and intent of the Legislature in enacting this article to provide low interest loans to residents of this state of low and moderate income, who own and occupy single family residential dwellings, as an incentive for the improvement of the energy efficiency of such dwellings.

The Legislature finds that the public policy and responsibility of the state as set forth in this section cannot be effectively attained without the funding, establishment, operation and maintenance of the energy conservation revolving loan fund.