§31-18D-2. Legislative finding and purpose.
The Legislature finds that current and past economic conditions in this state, changing federal housing policies which devolve responsibility for housing back to state government, declining resources at the federal level and changing demographics have resulted in low and moderate income persons, including elderly persons and persons with special needs, being unable to obtain safe, decent and affordable housing in this state. Lack of affordable housing affects the ability of communities to develop and maintain strong and stable economies and impairs the health, stability and self-esteem of individuals and families. The Legislature further finds that financing affordable housing, especially in rural areas and small communities, is becoming increasingly difficult and is often characterized by fragmented, uncoordinated, burdensome and expensive funding mechanisms. For these reasons, it is in the public interest to establish a new resource known as the West Virginia affordable housing trust fund to encourage stronger partnerships, collaboration and greater involvement of local communities in meeting housing needs in West Virginia. It is the intent of the Legislature that this trust fund assist in increasing the capacity of community housing organizations and encourage private sector businesses and individuals to contribute capital to community-based organizations and assist them in providing safe, decent and affordable housing to our citizens.