§31A-2-2. Commissioner's appointment, term, qualifications, salary, oath and bond.

The commissioner of banking shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. He shall serve at the will and pleasure of the governor for the term for which the governor was elected and until his successor is appointed and qualified, unless earlier removed from office for cause as provided by law.

Any person appointed as commissioner shall have a college degree from an accredited institution, be of good moral character, have knowledge of the theory and practice of banking and be at least twenty-five years of age.

Before entering upon the discharge of his duties as commissioner, he shall take and subscribe to the oath of office prescribed in section five, article four of the constitution of West Virginia and shall enter into a bond in the penal sum of one hundred thousand dollars, with a corporate surety authorized to engage in business in this state, conditioned upon the faithful discharge and performance of the duties of his office. The premium of such bond shall be payable from the state treasury out of funds allocated to the department of banking. The executed oath and bond shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state.