§31A-2-12. Commissioner's annual report; contents; affidavit.
Annually on or before the first day of December, the commissioner of banking shall prepare and submit to the governor a careful and complete report, detailing the work, services and functions performed by him during the preceding fiscal year. The report shall show the total resources and liabilities of all financial institutions, the increase or decrease for the year in the aggregate of such resources and liabilities, carefully noting any failures that may have occurred, stating the causes thereof, and making such remarks, suggestions and recommendations as he may deem pertinent, including recommendations on policy, administration and legislation pertaining to all financial institutions.

Such report shall be verified by the affidavit of said commissioner, who shall swear that, in making the examination of each financial institution he, or a qualified person in his department appointed by him, has personally and carefully inspected the books, papers and affairs of the institution, or in the case of any banking institution, that he has accepted a reasonably current examination made by the federal deposit insurance corporation or the federal reserve system in lieu of conducting such an examination, and that he has not, and, so far as he knows or is informed, no person in his department has, in any case received or agreed to receive directly or indirectly any reward, gift, or promise thereof, from any officer or other person connected with any financial institution.