§31A-8-8a. Unauthorized disclosure of information from a financial institution examination report.
Any person having a duty to the financial institution or to a state agency to maintain the confidentiality of examination reports by the department of banking, who willfully and knowingly makes an unauthorized public disclosure of confidential information or records from a state-chartered depository financial institution examination report shall be subject to suit by the commissioner or attorney general for civil penalties of up to one thousand dollars:

Provided, That no such suit shall lie where the person was ordered to make the disclosure by a court of competent jurisdiction, or lawfully compelled to make the disclosure as part of a legislative or executive agency investigation. Officials of the financial institution or the commissioner may refer matters of possible wrongdoing discovered by the examination which impact on the institution's soundness or financial integrity, or which concern possible criminal conduct to law enforcement officials, or other appropriate governmental regulatory agencies, including appropriate state bar or ethics officials and such referral shall not constitute public disclosure.