§31B-13-1301. Definitions.
As used in this article:

(1) "Licensing board" means the governing body or agency established under chapter thirty of this code which is responsible for the licensing and regulation of the practice of the profession which the professional limited liability company is organized to provide;

(2) "Professional limited liability company" means a limited liability company organized under this chapter for the purpose of rendering a professional service; and

(3) "Professional service" means the services rendered by the following professions: Attorneys-at-law under article two, physicians and podiatrists under article three, dentists under article four, optometrists under article eight, accountants under article nine, veterinarians under article ten, architects under article twelve, engineers under article thirteen, osteopathic physicians and surgeons under article fourteen, chiropractors under article sixteen, psychologists under article twenty-one, social workers under article thirty, acupuncturists under article thirty-six and land surveyors under article thirteen-a, all of chapter thirty of this code.