§31D-13-1320. Notice of appraisal rights.

(a) If proposed corporate action described in subsection (a), section one thousand three hundred two of this article is to be submitted to a vote at a shareholders' meeting, the meeting notice must state that the corporation has concluded that shareholders are, are not or may be entitled to assert appraisal rights under this article. If the corporation concludes that appraisal rights are or may be available, a copy of this article must accompany the meeting notice sent to those record shareholders entitled to exercise appraisal rights.

(b) In a merger pursuant to section one thousand one hundred five, article eleven of this chapter, the parent corporation must notify in writing all record shareholders of the subsidiary who are entitled to assert appraisal rights that the corporate action became effective. The notice must be sent within ten days after the corporate action became effective and include the materials described in section one thousand three hundred twenty-two of this article.