§31E-10-1002. Certain amendments by board of directors.
Unless the articles of incorporation provide otherwise, a corporation's board of directors may adopt one or more amendments to the corporation's articles of incorporation without member action:

(1) To extend the duration of the corporation if it was incorporated at a time when limited duration was required by law; (2) To delete the names and addresses of the initial directors;

(3) To delete the name and address of the initial registered agent or registered office, if any, if a statement of change is on file with the secretary of state;

(4) To change the corporate name by substituting the word "corporation," "incorporated" or "company", or the abbreviation "corp.", "inc." or "co.", for a similar word or abbreviation in the name, or by adding, deleting or changing a geographical attribution to the name; or

(5) To make any other change expressly permitted by this chapter to be made without member action.