§33-6-9. Grounds for disapproval of forms.
The commissioner shall disapprove any such form of policy, application, rider, or endorsement or withdraw any previous approval thereof:

(a) If it is in any respect in violation of or does not comply with this chapter.

(b) If it contains or incorporates by reference any inconsistent, ambiguous, or misleading clauses, or exceptions and conditions which deceptively affect the risk purported to be assumed in the general coverage of the contract.

(c) If it has any title, heading, or other indication of its provisions which is misleading.

(d) If the purchase of such policy is being solicited by deceptive advertising.

(e) If the benefits provided therein are unreasonable in relation to the premium charged.

(f) If the coverages provided therein are not sufficiently broad to be in the public interest.