§33-10-4b. Return of summons and summary hearing.
(a) The court shall hold a summary hearing at the time and date for the return of summons.

(b) If a person is not served with the petition and summons and fails to appear for the summary hearing, the court shall:

(1) Continue the summary hearing not more than ten days;

(2) Require the commissioner to make additional or alternative attempts at service of the petition and summons upon the person; and

(3) Extend any restraining order.

(c) Upon a showing of good faith efforts to effect service upon a person who has failed to appear for a continued summary hearing, the court shall order notice of the petition to be published. The order and notice shall specify a return date not less than ten nor more than twenty days after the publication and that the restraining order has been extended to the continued hearing date.

(d) If a person fails to appear for a summary hearing after service of the summons, the court shall enter judgment in favor of the commissioner against that person.

(e) A person who appears for the summary hearing shall file its answer at the hearing and the court shall:

(1) Determine whether to extend any temporary restraining orders pending final judgment; and

(2) Set the case for trial on a date not more than ten days from the summary hearing.

(f) The court shall grant no continuance for filing an answer.