§33-11A-13. Confidentiality of insurance information obtained by financial institutions.
(a) When a financial institution requires a borrower to provide insurance information in connection with the making of a loan or extension of credit, neither such financial institution nor an insurance agent or broker affiliated with such financial institution may later use the information so obtained to solicit or offer insurance to such borrower, unless the consent required in subsection (b) below is first obtained.

(b) A borrower may consent to the financial institution's disclosure of insurance information to an agent or broker affiliated with the financial institution, but any such consent must be in writing and be given at a time subsequent, which shall be no less than two days, to the time of the application for, approval of and making of the loan or extension of credit.

(c) Consent under subsection (b) of this section shall be obtained in a separate document, distinct from any other transaction, and shall not be required as a condition for performance of other services for the customer.