§33-12-11. Countersignature.
No contract of insurance covering a subject of insurance, resident, located or to be performed in this state, shall be executed, issued or delivered by any insurer unless the contract or, in the case of an interstate risk, a countersignature endorsement carrying full information as to the West Virginia risk, is signed or countersigned in writing by a licensed resident agent of the insurer, except that excess line insurance shall be countersigned by a duly licensed excess line broker. This section does not apply to: Reinsurance; credit insurance; any contract of insurance covering the rolling stock of any railroad or covering any vessel, aircraft or motor carrier used in interstate or foreign commerce or covering any liability or other risks incident to the ownership, maintenance or operation thereof; any contract of insurance covering any property in interstate or foreign commerce, or any liability or risks incident thereto. Countersignature of a duly licensed resident agent of the company originating a contract of insurance participated in by other companies as cosureties or coindemnitors shall satisfy all countersignature requirements in respect to such contract of insurance: Provided, That the countersignature requirements of this section shall no longer be required for any contract of insurance executed, issued or delivered on or after the thirty-first day of December, two thousand four.