§33-12A-3. Termination of contractual relationship; notice; good cause.
No insurance company may cancel, refuse to renew or otherwise terminate a written contractual relationship with any insurance agent who has been employed or appointed pursuant to that written contract by such insurance company for a period of more than five years, except for "good cause," as prescribed herein. If an insurance company proposes to cancel, fail to renew or otherwise terminate a contractual relationship with the agent, the company shall so notify the agent by certified mail at least ninety days prior to the date upon which the company proposed to cancel, fail to renew or terminate the contractual relationship. Such notice shall include a statement of the grounds upon which the insurance company bases its decision to cancel, refuse to renew or terminate any contractual relationship.

The following matters are "good cause" for an insurance company to terminate the contractual relationship with its agent:

(a) Criminal misconduct or gross negligence relating to the business or premises of the insurance agency;

(b) Fraud or moral turpitude;

(c) Abandonment or unattendance of the business or premises of the insurance agency for such period of time as may unreasonably interfere with the transacting of business;

(d) The failure by the agent to pay moneys over to the company for insurance contracts sold by the agency;

(e) The death or disability of the agent; and

(f) Upon the company becoming insolvent or discontinuing any line of insurance for any business purpose: Provided, That the insurance commissioner shall notify or cause to be notified in writing all agents of such insolvent insurance company that they are no longer entitled to any benefit under their contract with the insolvent company.