§33-12B-10. Expiration of license; renewal.
(a) All licenses of adjusters shall expire at midnight on May 31 next following the date of issuance and the commissioner shall renew annually the license of all such licensees who qualify and make application therefor. However, the commissioner may, in his or her discretion, establish the dates of expiration of licenses in any manner deemed advisable for an efficient distribution of the workload of his or her office.

(b) An adjuster whose license expires may, if application is made within one year of the expiration date, be reissued a license upon payment of twice the renewal fee.

(c) The commissioner may waive any renewal requirement for any adjuster who is unable to comply due to military service, long-term medical disability or other extenuating circumstance.

(d) As a condition of the renewal of a crop adjuster license, the commissioner may require that the licensee demonstrate that he or she has maintained certification of proficiency issued or approved by the federal Risk Management Agency.