§33-12C-16. Records of surplus lines licensee.

(a) Each surplus lines licensee shall keep in this state a full and true record of each surplus lines insurance contract placed by or through the licensee, including a copy of the policy, certificate, cover note or other evidence of insurance showing each of the following items applicable:

(1) Amount of the insurance, risks and perils insured;

(2) Brief description of the property insured and its location;

(3) Gross premium charged;

(4) Any return premium paid;

(5) Rate of premium charged upon the several items of property;

(6) Effective date and terms of the contract;

(7) Name and address of the insured;

(8) Name and address of the insurer;

(9) Amount of tax and other sums to be collected from the insured;

(10) Allocation of taxes by state as referred to in subsection (f) of this section; and

(11) Identity of the producing broker, any confirming correspondence from the insurer or its representative, and the application.

(b) The record of each contract shall be kept open at all reasonable times to examination by the commissioner without notice for a period not less than ten years following termination of the contract. In lieu of maintaining offices in this state, each nonresident surplus lines licensee shall make available to the commissioner any and all records that the commissioner deems necessary for examination.