§33-16A-1. Right of insured to convert from group coverage.
A group policy or group subscriber contract which provides hospital, surgical or major medical expense insurance, or any combination of these coverages, on an expense incurred basis, but not a policy which provides benefits for specific diseases or for accidental injuries only, shall provide that an employee or member whose insurance under the group policy or contract has been terminated for any reason, including discontinuance of the group policy in its entirety or of an insured class, who has been continuously insured under the group policy, or under any group policy providing similar benefits which it replaces, for at least three months immediately prior to termination, shall be entitled to have issued to him by the insurer a converted policy of health insurance. An employee or member shall not be entitled to have a converted policy issued to him if termination of his insurance under the group policy occurred because he failed to pay any required contribution, or the discontinued group coverage was replaced by similar group coverage within thirty-one days.