§33-16A-14. Benefit levels; election to provide group coverage; notification of conversion privilege; policy delivered outside state.

(a) If the benefit levels required in section nine of this article exceed the benefit levels provided under the group policy, the conversion policy may offer benefits which are substantially similar to those provided under the group policy in lieu of those required in section nine.

(b) The insurer may elect to provide group insurance coverage in lieu of the issuance of a converted individual policy.

(c) The insurer, prior to terminating the policy for any reason, shall notify each employee or member, or such employee's or member's spouse, child or dependent entitled to the conversion privilege under this article, at least sixty days in advance of the termination, in writing, of the pending termination. The notice shall inform the employee or member of the conversion privilege provided in this article.

(d) A notification of the conversion privilege shall also be included in each certificate of coverage.

(e) A converted policy which is delivered outside this state must be on a form which could be delivered in such other jurisdiction as a converted policy had the group policy been issued in that jurisdiction.