§33-22-9. Premiums, membership fees, assessments and dividends.
(a) Such company shall collect from its members such initial fees or charges as its bylaws provide.

(b) Any such company may levy assessments or collect premiums for the purpose of paying losses and expenses already incurred, or for estimated future losses and expenses, and for reserve or surplus fund purposes. The secretary of any such company shall notify every member of the company of the amount due by a written or printed notice, mailed to the last-known address of each member, stating the amount due the company from the member and the time and place and to whom it shall be paid. Such payment shall be made by the member within sixty days from date of mailing such notice, or within a lesser period, as the bylaws may provide. The company may maintain an action against any member thereof to recover all such assessments which he may neglect or refuse to pay when legally due and payable.

(c) Any such company issuing policies at rates other than uniform or class rates or levying assessments on other than a uniform or class basis shall as to such policies be a subscriber to a rating organization licensed under the provisions of article twenty of this chapter.

(d) Such company may return to its members in the form of dividends or otherwise savings or earnings of such company.