§33-22-15. Termination, cancellation or suspension of membership.
(a) Any member of a company may withdraw therefrom upon written notice to the company. Every member so withdrawing shall immediately surrender his policy and pay to the extent of his liability as stated in the policy, all of his indebtedness legally due the company.

(b) No member shall be liable for losses or expenses occurring subsequent to the time of termination of his membership.

(c) The company may cancel any policy upon at least five days' written notice to the holder.

(d) A company may, in its bylaws, provide for the suspension of its liability for loss upon any policy from the date when an unpaid assessment becomes due if notice is given to the member five days before the suspension is to become effective, and the payment of such assessment shall only reinstate such policy from the date of such payment, but no allowance shall be made in any assessment because of such suspension.