§33-23-2. Applicability of other provisions.
Every fraternal benefit society shall be governed and be subject to the same extent as other insurers transacting like kinds of insurance, to the following articles of this chapter: Article one (definitions); article two (insurance commissioner); article four (general provisions); section thirty, article six (fee for form and rate filing); article seven (assets and liabilities); article ten (rehabilitation and liquidation); article eleven (unfair trade practices); article twelve (agents, brokers, solicitors and excess lines); article thirteen (life insurance); article thirteen-a (variable contracts); article fifteen-a (long-term care insurance); article twenty-seven (insurance holding company systems); article thirty-three (annual audited financial report); article thirty-four (administrative supervision); article thirty-four-a (standards and commissioner's authority for companies considered to be in hazardous financial condition); article thirty-five(criminal sanctions for failure to report impairment); article thirty-seven(managing general agents); and article thirty-nine(disclosure of material transactions).