§33-23-8. Incorporation of existing voluntary associations.
(a) After one year from the effective date of this article, no unincorporated or voluntary association shall be permitted to transact business in this state.

(b) Any domestic voluntary association now licensed to transact insurance in this state may incorporate and shall receive from the commissioner a license as a fraternal benefit society when:

(1) It shall have completed its conversion to an incorporated society not later than one year from the effective date of this article;

(2) It has filed its articles of incorporation and has satisfied the other requirements described in section six of this article; and

(3) The commissioner shall have made such examination and procured whatever additional information he shall deem advisable.

(c) Every voluntary association so incorporated shall incur the obligations and enjoy the benefits thereof the same as though originally incorporated, and such corporation shall be deemed a continuation of the original voluntary association. The officers thereof shall serve through their respective terms as provided in its original articles of association, but their successors shall be elected and serve as provided in its articles of incorporation. Incorporation of a voluntary association shall not affect existing suits, claims or contracts.