§33-25B-7. Allowable commission for applicant aides; prohibited practices.

(a) Applicant aides may receive a commission not to exceed five percent of the voucher, from an approved provider. No commission may be paid until the fund is fully reimbursed for the voucher. Applicant aides may not solicit or accept any compensation from guardians or potential guardians.

(b) An applicant aide shall be prohibited from entering into any agreement with an approved provider, whether such agreement is for profit or not for profit, to recommend a specific approved provider, to the exclusion of all other approved providers, in the course of counseling guardians or applicants.

(c) Applicant aides who engage in deceptive practices or who aid or encourage deception or fraud may, upon hearing by the corporation, have their certificate as an applicant aide revoked for a period of not less than five years. This action shall be in addition to any other penalties available at law.

(d) The corporation may pursue triple damages in civil court for any losses to the fund attributable to actions or the conduct of applicant aides or guardians.