§33-31-16a. Laws applicable; Risk Retention Groups.

          In addition to the applicable provisions of this article, any captive insurance company organized as a risk retention group is subject to the following provisions of this chapter: section nine, article two (examination of insurers, agents, brokers and solicitors; access to books, records, etc.); section fourteen, article four (financial statement filings; annual and quarterly statements; required format; foreign insurers; agents of the commissioner); section fifteen-a, article four (credit for reinsurance; definitions; requirements; trust accounts; reductions from liability; security; effective date); article seven (assets and liabilities); article ten (rehabilitation and liquidation); article twenty-seven (insurance holding company systems); article thirty-three (annual audited financial report); article thirty-four (administrative supervision); article thirty-five (criminal sanctions for failure to report impairment); article thirty-six (Business Transacted with Producer Controlled Property/Casualty Insurer Act); article thirty-seven (managing general agents); article thirty-eight (Reinsurance Intermediary Act); article forty (risk-based capital for insurers); and article forty-one (Insurance Fraud Prevention Act), as well as any rules promulgated under those provisions in accordance with article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, including any rule relating to property and casualty actuarial opinions.