§36A-4-1. Contents of declaration.
The declaration shall contain the following:

(a) A reference to this chapter and an expression of the intention to submit the property to the provisions of this chapter;

(b) A description of the land and building;

(c) The name by which the property will be known;

(d) A statement that the property is to consist of units and common elements as shown in a declaration plan;

(e) A description of the common elements and the proportionate undivided interest, expressed as a percentage, assigned to each unit therein, which percentages shall aggregate one hundred percent;

(f) A statement that the proportionate undivided interest in the common elements may be altered by the recording of an amendment duly executed by all unit owners affected thereby;

(g) A statement of the purposes or uses for which each unit is intended and restrictions, if any, as to use;

(h) The names of the first members of council;

(i) Any further details in connection with the property which the party or parties executing the declaration may deem appropriate.