§38-3-13. Same -- Confirmation of report; decree of rental or sale and distribution.
When the report of any such commissioner is confirmed, if the claims therein reported (if any) be not paid, the court shall decree that so much of the real estate of the judgment debtor as may be necessary, and which is subject to such lien or liens, shall be rented or sold, and the proceeds thereof distributed among the several lienholders who have appeared and proved their liens and claims, according to their several priorities, if any; which decree shall be a bar to the claim of any lienholder who has not appeared and presented his claim to such commissioner, as required by such notice, except that if a surplus remain after the payment of the claims so presented and proved and confirmed by the court, the lienholder so failing to appear may share in such surplus, upon proving his claim at any time before a final decree in the case, in such manner as the court shall direct. But if he fail to present his claim before such final decree, he shall be forever barred of all right to participate in the proceeds of such real estate so far as the other creditors of such judgment debtor, holding liens on such real estate, who have not so failed, are concerned.