§38-4-8. Commencement and duration of lien of fieri facias.
A writ of fieri facias or execution shall create a lien, from the time it is delivered to the sheriff or other officer to be executed, upon all of the personal property, or the estate or interest therein, owned by the judgment debtor at the time of such delivery of the writ, or which he may acquire on or before the return day thereof, although such property was not levied on or capable of being levied on under the provisions of section six of this article. Such lien shall continue beyond the return day of the execution, whether the writ was levied or not, but shall cease whenever the right of the judgment creditor to levy the writ under which such lien arose, or to levy a new writ, ceases, under the provisions of section eighteen, article three of this chapter, or when such right is suspended by a forthcoming bond being given or forfeited, or by an appeal or otherwise. The lien created by this section shall be subject to the provisions of sections nine and ten of this article.