§38-4-9. Purchaser for value and without notice before levy takes free of lien; payment or delivery to debtor without notice is without liability.
The lien of a writ of fieri facias shall not be good as against a purchaser or assignee of the property subject to the lien, for a valuable consideration and without notice of such lien, unless, at the time of such purchase or assignment, the writ shall have been actually levied upon the property, and the property shall have been in the actual possession of the officer or of some person, other than the judgment debtor, holding such property for the officer. If the property, upon which such writ is a lien, is a debt or liability of some third person to pay money or deliver property to the judgment debtor, any payment or delivery made by such third person to the judgment debtor or his assignee, before such third person has notice of the writ, shall be good, and such person shall be discharged, to the extent of such payment or delivery, from any liability to the judgment creditor: Provided, however, That if the evidence of such debt or liability of such third person is a writing of such a nature that it could be levied on under the provisions of section six of this article, and if such writing has been levied on and taken into the possession of the officer under the writ, such levy shall constitute notice to such third person of the lien of such fieri facias.