§38-7-15. Garnishment.
The plaintiff in an attachment may, by an indorsement on the order of attachment, designate any person as being indebted or liable to, or having in his possession, the effects of the defendant, or one of the defendants; and in such case the clerk shall make as many copies of the order as there are persons so designated, with an indorsement thereon that the person so designated is required to answer at the next term of the court in which the action or suit is pending, and disclose on oath in what sum he is indebted to the defendant, and what effects of the defendant he has in his possession or under his control; and it shall be sufficiently levied on such person by delivering to him a copy of the order and indorsement, or by a service thereof upon him in the same manner as a notice may by law be served, or by publication as provided in article three, chapter fifty-six of this code.