§38-7-42. Priority of attachments.
(a) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b) of this section, the attachment first served on the same personal property, or on the person having such property in his possession, or on the person indebted to the defendant in the attachment suit, shall have priority of lien; and the officer making the levy shall note on the order of attachment the day and hour at which the levy is made: Provided, That where two or more attachments are delivered to the same officer at different times to be served, he shall serve them in the order in which he received them, and when they are delivered at the same time they shall be served at the same time, and, if more than one of such attachment be sustained, such of them as are sustained shall be satisfied pro rata out of the proceeds of the attached property.

(b) No garnishment of wages governed by the provisions of this article will be given priority over a voluntary assignment of wages to fulfill a support obligation, a garnishment of wages to collect arrearages in support payments, or a notice of withholding from wages of amounts payable as support, notwithstanding the fact that the garnishment in question or the judgment upon which it is based may have preceded the support-related assignment, garnishment, or notice of withholding in point of time or filing.