§38-7-43. Rehearing after judgment or decree on service by publication.
If a defendant against whom, on publication, a judgment or decree has been or shall hereafter be rendered, in an action, suit, or proceeding in which an attachment is sued out and levied as provided in this article, or the personal representatives of such defendant shall return to, or appear openly in this state, he may, within one year after a copy of such judgment or decree has been or shall be served upon him, at the instance of the plaintiff, or within two years from the date of such judgment or decree, if he be not so served, petition to have the proceedings reheard. On giving security for the costs which have accrued and shall thereafter accrue, such defendant shall be admitted to make defense against such judgment or decree, as if he had appeared in the case before the same was rendered, except that the title of any bona fide purchaser to any property, real or personal, sold under such attachment, shall not be brought in question or impeached. But this section shall not apply to any case in which the petitioner, or his decedent, was served with a copy of the original process in the action, suit or proceeding wherein the attachment issued, more than sixty days before the date of the judgment or decree, or to a case in which he appeared and made defense.