§38-10E-2. Release of lien.
(a) A lien recorded in accordance with section one of this article shall be released if the municipality or county determines that the property has been satisfactorily cleaned up or repaired, the city or county determines that satisfactory measures have been taken to assure that the property will be repaired or cleaned up within a reasonable time, with the property owner first being given the opportunity to make said clean-up or removal within sixty days, or that the insurance company has paid the amount of the lien to the municipality or county or such person designated to receive such moneys: Provided, That if the insurer has paid the amount of the lien to the treasurer or sheriff and the subsequent cost of cleanup is less than that amount, the difference shall be returned to the insurer.

(b) Upon the satisfaction of a lien in accordance with subsection (a) of this section, the treasurer or sheriff, whichever is applicable, shall sign a release and cause it to be recorded by the clerk of the county commission in the "Debris Removal Liens" book and, immediately upon recordation, he or she shall send a certified copy thereof to the insurance company: Provided, That if a lien has been paid or otherwise satisfied and the treasurer or sheriff refuses to cause such lien to be released, the insurance company or policyholder may apply to the circuit court for an order compelling the clerk to record a release.