§38-13-10. Trustee's report to fiduciary commissioner; notice to creditors of filing and second meeting.
Within ten days after the last day on which claims may be presented to him the trustee shall file with the fiduciary commissioner a report showing the names of the creditors whose claims have not been contested and who have filed proper proofs of claims, and the amounts thereof; the names of the creditors whose claims have been contested, and the amounts thereof; the disposition he has made of the property belonging to the estate; the costs and expenses he has incurred; the amount of money he has on hand and the name of the bank in which it is deposited; the property of the estate not disposed of and his plans for disposing of the same. The trustee shall attach to said report all proofs of claims, vouchers, exhibits, accounts, writings, affidavits and counter- affidavits which have been filed with him. The trustee shall at once notify each creditor who has presented a claim that the report has been filed, and that a meeting of the creditors will be held before the fiduciary commissioner on a date specified in the notice, which date shall not be less than five days after the notice is mailed nor more than ten days after the report is filed.