§38-13-14. Duties of assignor.
The assignor shall comply with all lawful orders of the fiduciary commissioner, examine the correctness of all claims presented against the estate if ordered by the fiduciary commissioner so to do, and if any are incorrect or false notify the trustee thereof immediately; deliver to the trustee all his books, papers and records; execute and deliver such papers relating to the estate as shall be ordered by the fiduciary commissioner; execute and deliver to the trustee proper transfers of all his property outside the state of West Virginia; attend the first meeting of the creditors; and submit to an examination under oath concerning the conduct of his business, the cause of his inability to pay his debts, his dealings with his creditors and other persons, the amount, kind and whereabouts of his property, and all matters which may affect the administration and settlement of his estate, but no testimony given by him shall be offered in evidence against him in any criminal proceedings. The books and papers of the assignor shall at all times be subject to the inspection and examination of any creditor.