§47-1-20. State measurement laboratory.
The commissioner shall operate and maintain a state measurement laboratory certified and approved by the national institute of standards and technology. The laboratory shall be used to both house and maintain the state primary standards and secondary standards as traceable to the national standards and to test or calibrate any secondary or working standards which are submitted for test as required by this article.

The commissioner shall promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter twenty-nine-a of this code to assess fees for weights and measures laboratory calibration and testing. All fees collected by the commissioner under the provisions of this section shall be deposited into a special revenue account in the state treasury to be known as the "Weights and Measures Fund." The moneys in the fund shall be used by the commissioner solely for the enforcement of this article. The commissioner is hereby authorized to allocate moneys from the weights and measures fund to enforce the provisions of this article without legislative appropriation of moneys from the fund until the last day of June, two thousand six. Effective the first day of July, two thousand six, no moneys may be expended from the fund except by legislative appropriation.

The commissioner shall provide such personnel as required to operate the laboratory in a manner which is consistent with the needs of this article. Personnel shall be trained and certified to perform all such calibrations and tests as required by the national institute of standards and technology to maintain traceability of the state standards to national standards, and to properly maintain the laboratory facility as certified and traceable to the national institute of standards and technology.