§47-1A-10. Sterilization processes; permits; fees.
(1) Any sterilization process used in connection herewith shall be approved by the commissioner. Every person desiring to operate such sterilization process shall first obtain a numbered permit from the commissioner and shall not operate such process unless such permit is kept conspicuously posted in his establishment. The fee for an original permit shall be twenty- five dollars. Application for such permit shall be accompanied by the specifications for the sterilization process to be employed by the applicant, in such form as the commissioner shall require. Such permit shall expire one year from date of issue and the fee for annual renewal of the sterilization permit shall be ten dollars.

(2) Every application for a sterilization permit to be held in a state other than West Virginia shall be approved only after personal inspection of the applicant's sterilizer or disinfector by the commissioner or an authorized employee of the bedding division of the department. The expenses for such inspections out of the state shall be paid by the applicant.

(3) The commissioner may revoke or suspend any permit for violation of the provisions of this article. Upon notification of such revocation or suspension, the person to whom the permit was issued, or his successor or assignee, shall forthwith return such permit to the commissioner. For reissuing a revoked or expired permit, the fee shall be the same as for an original permit.