§47-6-11. Certain business debts exempt from usury laws.
No law limiting interest rates or providing for forfeiture, penalty, or other loss or liability because of the rate of interest charged may be applied:

(1) To any debt that is incurred by a loan, installment sale, or other similar transaction, and is incurred primarily for a business purpose; or

(2) To any addition to or refinancing in whole or in part of a debt meeting the requirements of subdivision (1) of this section, providing such addition or refinancing is also primarily for a business purpose: Provided, That if the debt described in subdivision (1) of this section is incurred by a natural person, the provisions of this section shall not apply unless such debt is in a principal amount of twenty thousand dollars or more.

For the purpose of determining the applicability of this section, the term "business" means and includes any activity that is engaged in primarily for the purpose of generating "gross income," as that term is defined in section one, article thirteen, chapter eleven of this code: Provided, That "business" does not mean or include farming or any other agricultural activity engaged in by a producer of agricultural commodities, livestock, or other farm products.