§47-8-2. Business not to be conducted under assumed name without filing certificate of true name.
No individual, sole proprietorship or general partnership may carry on, conduct or transact any business in this state under any assumed name, or under any designation, name or style, corporate or otherwise, other than the real name or names of the individual or individuals owning, conducting or transacting such business, unless that person or persons shall file in the office of the clerk of the county commission of the county in which such person or persons maintains his principal place of business, a certificate setting forth the name under which such business is, or is to be, conducted or transacted, and the true or real full name or names of the person or persons owning, conducting or transacting the same, with the home and post-office address or addresses of such person or persons. Such certificate shall be executed and duly acknowledged by the person or persons so owning, conducting or intending to conduct such business: Provided, That the selling of goods by sample or through traveling agents or traveling salesmen, or by means of orders forwarded by the purchaser through the mails, may not be construed for purposes of this article as conducting or transacting business so as to require the filing of such certificates.