§47-11F-5. Exceptions to repurchase requirement.

Any other provisions of this article to the contrary notwithstanding, a supplier shall not be required to repurchase from the dealer (i) a repair part of or with a limited storage life or which is otherwise subject to deterioration; that is to say by way of example and not in limitation thereof, such items as gaskets or batteries; (ii) multiple packaged repair parts when the package has been broken; (iii) a repair part that because of its condition is not resalable as a new part without repackaging or reconditioning; (iv) any portion of the inventory that the dealer chooses to retain; or (v) any inventory that was acquired by the dealer from a source other than the supplier, except for data processing hardware and software, special service tools, and business signs that the supplier required the dealer to purchase; and (vi) any tractor, implement, attachment or equipment that the dealer purchased from the supplier more than thirty-six months before the date of the termination notice.